Friday, August 19, 2011

Cape Meares and Coastal Highway

I am drawn to these understated images.  I think they reflect my understated personality...not much there.  Anyway the top image is my favorite.

Larry's Market, Rockaway Beach

I am amazed at the many businesses that "I have" around the country.  I though I might just keep track of them with images.

Canyon Creek

Dropped Nancy and the kids off at a beach and went exploring.  Came back way too late!  Found this scene and spent a few hours photographing it with digital and a medium format film camera my friend Darren Clark let me borrow.  Will be interesting to compare the results when I get the negatives developed.

Nedonna Beach

Nancy wanted to build fires and make hotdogs and smores on the beach.  These fires are larger bon fires built by local high school kids.  The light on the left came from a group of people using flashlights to find their way back to the parking lot.  They were shining the lights on the ground in front of them.