Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Abandoned Series Continued

I talked with the owner of this property for about an hour to build a relationship.  The first response to my request to photograph the property was a NO.  After shooting the breeze about life, he said, "I guess it would be all right to take a few photos.  People are leary of strangers with cameras.  I can't blame them.  Now I have a connection with the owners of this property that may lead to more photos.  FYI.  I was drawn to the sculptural object in one of the photos.  I asked about it and learned it is a mold for a motorcycle fairing.  The owner used to build and race motorcycles.  Now there is an interesting story to tell someday.  They did request that the location of the property be kept private.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Found another old home to document.  Tried to get access to another and got chewed out by the owner...grumpy old guy.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Mind's Eye 2011

The new Photography 2 book is out. Great content.  The cover and some inside photos portend the direction that Photo 3A will take next year.  Is this a great job or what!  I am having a lot of fun creating this photo program and working with enthusiastic students.  Next year the program will continue to evolve; more exciting stuff is on the horizon.  Preview the entire book and order at Blurb.

Transitions 2011

The Photography 1 students' book is ready for viewing.   I think it is a great document made possible by the many students who challenged themselves to create interesting work during their first photography class. Hats off to all photo 1 students! You can order your copy at Blurb.