Monday, June 13, 2011

Vault Doors at the old First Security Bank, St Anthony

My last photos of these doors were a bit out of focus.  I wanted some sharp images.  I really like the vivid read doors and the varied colors and texture of the space.

Mountain Man Rendezvous

While dropping off photos in St Anthony Saturday, I ran into a friend from high school.  Caryn Esplin was at Ken's place with her photography students exploring the Ru Inn.  She mentioned the rendezvous taking place near Drummand.  Since I was on my way to Squirrel, I decided to check it out.  I did not have much time so I walked in, snapped a few shots, and left for home to do some yard work.  I'll plan on a visit next year and make some images.

Squirrel Dance Hall gets a makeover

Cody Clark is prepping the facade of the Squirrel Dance Hall/Community Center for a new paint job.  The last time it was painted was about 27 years ago.  Last chance for photos with that great patina for another 30 years.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Ken Matthews

Ken conceded to have his image recorded as part of the "documentation" process.  He wasn't really keen about having his portrait made, but was good natured enough to indulge me.  I really liked the old bright red vault doors.  I wanted to use them in an image and used the chance to practice my feeble strobist skills.  Ken,  I really appreciate your time and collabortion.

Riverside Ru Inn, St Anthony, Idaho

I met Ken Matthews in St Anthony last week and spent way too much time shooting the breeze with the guy.  He is an incredible guy who can lay stone, engineer, and talk philosophy and religion.  Between paying jobs, he has a formidable personal project going...the restoration of "RU Inn" in St Anthony.  The creative take on the project is what makes Ken's project distinctive and one heck of a story.  I began documenting the process and hope to work with Ken to preserve the history of the place.  The structure used to be a hotel and the old First Security Bank in St Anthony.  Its future is in a fluid state: perhaps a destination inn, perhaps a artists' community space, perhaps?  I hope to record the story as it unfolds.