Tuesday, October 25, 2011

abandoned homes in Plano

stranded in Kilgore

I Drove up to Kilgore Sunday afternoon to explore some abandoned houses.  I was northwest of the store near the timber line when my truck died.  I hiked a mile to the main road, a gravel road that goes to the corner where the Kilgore Store is located and managed to wave down a hunter heading into the hills.  He gave me a jump and all was well.  He drove off and I happily drove back to the main road.  After turning left onto the road, the engine stopped again.  I was a about 2 miles from the store and began walking.  when I arrived at the store, I was encouraged to find it still open.  I found a good natured cowboy unwinding at the close of the day.  He towed me to the store and I took a few photos of him and the store owner.  AAA saved the day!  The tow truck came from Ririe and I was home by 9:30.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Abandoned homes in Plano

Here are a few more images from Saturday's shoot.  I am recovering from a fall through rotten stairs. Why does the most rotted stair have to be the top one?