Thursday, July 11, 2013

Abandoned Factory, Perlite Road, Idaho

Brian Atkinson and I drove to Malad today to shoot the abandoned factory off Perlite Road.  We stopped by several abandoned homes as well.  Here are some of the images.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Morning at Pass Lake, Lost River Range, Idaho

Parting shots of Pass Lake before the hike back to the trailhead.

Evening at Pass Lake, Idaho

Ben and I reached the lake about the right time to make images.  I shot like a mad man until dark and then make camp and dinner.

Pass Lake and Leatherman Peak, Idaho

Pass lake is located in a cirque at the base of the mountain east of Leatherman.  It is often misidentified as being at the base of Leatherman.  The lake is often completely frozen at this time of year but at the end of this June has a broken ice cover...more interesting for photos.

Pass Lake in the Lost River Range, Idaho

Ben and I went hiking last week.  Here is our campsite for the night.  Pass Lake is to the right and Leatherman is the peak to the left.  The mountain behind Pass Lake was rumbling and cracking all night.  I got a better idea about why people believed trolls or spirits lived in such places.

Working for a Living

I was hired by Syringa Landscape in Boise to shoot their work for their new website.  They wanted a highly approachable commercial look.  I am planning on going back in the Fall to shoot some of this summer's projects.  Here are a few examples.