Friday, August 16, 2013

Sunrise, Alice Lake, Sawtooths

Moonrise, Alice Lake, Sawtooths

El Capitan, Alice Lake, Sawtooths

The Palouse

Mirror Lake, Alaska Basin

Alaska Basin Lakes

Two small lakes in Alaska Basin.  The flowered path at bottom connects the two lakes above.  Anne and Dave Duke camped around the rock outcrop on the right of the bottom photo.  They might want to know where they were in relation to the photos.

Sunset Lake Above Alaska Basin

Ben and I camped here on our way to Hurricane Pass.  Incredible alpine meadow.

Schoolroom Glacier

The Schoolroom Glacier is just south of Hurricane Pass.  You can see the pass in the middle left.  This small glacier is a textbook example of a glacier complete with visible moraines, cirque, tarn, and outlet. Photographed from the cliffs above.

The Tetons From the West Side

The shelf that extends out from the Middle Teton holds a pretty good size lake, Iceflow.  I think it would be great to hike Iceflow Lake and photograph it at sunset. This photo was taken just south of Hurricane Pass on the cliffs.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Rock Walls: Teton Canyon, Alaska Basin

This is a large rock wall in Teton Canyon about two thirds the way to Alaska Basin

This streaked face is on the side of a large boulder next to our tent in Alaska Basin