Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Climbing Table Mountain, Wyoming

On January 17th James Helfrich, James Allen, Todd Moseley, and myself snowshoed up Table Mountain. Table mountain is a popular summer hike for families living on this side of the Tetons. I had never been in my 19 years living in Rexburg. This winter the opportunity arose when Todd volunteered his snow machines to take us the 6 miles to the mountain and back out at the end. That meant we could have a leisurely hike up the mountain and still catch dinner in Driggs. The fact that this hike would be in 5 feet of snow made it even more appealing. Not many people want to undertake the hike up the face of Table Mountain in the winter. The following is a sampling of photos taken during the day.

Treasure Mountain, Wyoming

Snowshoe Tracks

Short Break

The Wedge and Fossil Mountain, Wyoming
Mountains Across Teton Canyon
The Wedge and Fossil Mountain are Visible


Ridge to Table Mountain

Looking Over the Ridge

Table Mountain
At the Base of Table Looking South

At the Base of Table Looking North
Three Skiers Skinning Up Our Trail in the Distance
James, James, and Todd

Todd and Myself

Mount Moran

James Packing Up

James and Todd

Cascade Canyon, The Grand, and the Middle Teton

The Tetons
Freds' Mountain and Mary's Nipple
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