Saturday, June 21, 2014

Great Gallery, Horseshoe Canyon, Utah

Images of the Great Galley.  Many of the figures are life-size or larger.

Cleopatra Panel, Near Hog Springs, Utah

Here are two images of the Cleopatra Panel.  One of the two figures in context to the wall they are painted on and the other a detail shot.  When photographing rock art, I often thought that the image that shows the figures(s) in context is the more compelling one.  Yet, the details are what I wanted to remember.  I have learned that the human figure is sometimes referred to as the Moki Maiden.  Not sure what the "animal" figure is but would like to think it is a dog.

Cleopatra Panel

Cleopatra Panel

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Clouds, Southern Little Lost River Valley, Idaho

Driving home from Boise Wednesday afternoon I took the cutoff at Mountain Home for a little variety.  I made it all the way to Mud Lake before I had anyone in front of me.  No cars in my lane at all until Mud Lake and then only one other car on the road until the Menan Buttes.  I saw three red-headed vultures, a small herd of antelope, and a rabbit...rush hour. Five hours of peaceful driving.  I stopped at the southern end of the Little Lost River Valley to make some images.  I photographed the Lemhis and then turned the camera south and west to record the sky.  Later, I shoot back towards the valley as the clouds glowed red.

The Area Around Double Arch, Arches National Park, Utah

Tourist Photographing, Arches National Park

Rock Formations Near Double Arch

Rock Formations Near Double Arch

Navaho Arch, Arches National Park, Utah

Hiking to Navaho Arch I made several details from the trail.

Trail Details To Navaho Arch

Navaho Arch

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah

I had the opportunity to spend several days photographing the area around Moab last week. Here is the first batch of images made at Delicate Arch.

Three Views of Delicate Arch

Darren Clark Photographing Delicate Arch
Tourists Photographing Delicate Arch
Moonrise Over Delicate Arch

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mummified Magpie

While thinning out some chokecherry shrubs in the backyard, I found this magpie.

Mummified Magpie found in backyard 6/5/14

Diamond Peak Climb-Photos by Daniel Griffin

Daniel Griffen documented the climb with his iPhone and shared his images.  He did a great job of finding compositions that illustrate different sections of the climb.  I think that the images I made and Daniel's compliment one another and give a better overall impression of climbing Diamond Peak.  Also, it is not often that I get to see myself in action during a hike.  I really appreciate these images...Kudos to Daniel.  

The trip was near perfect...great company, fantastic weather, beautiful views, and enjoyable workout.

Climbing the talus slope before reaching the east ridge

Shae on the east ridge

Love those trekking poles

Finding our way over the roller coaster of the east ridge

On top of Diamond Peak Reaching for my tuna steak, red pepper, garlic crackers, and condiments

My first "selfie" 

Monday, June 09, 2014

Climbing Diamond Peak Climb, Lemhi Range, Idaho

Diamond Peak Catches the light on the morning of the climb.

Beginning the ridge line...The East Ridge is a series of rock climbs like the rocks on the right.  There were several of these leading to the summit.  The Southern Crest of the Lemhis is in the distance.  The horizontal, vertical, and twisted strata are amazing.

Shae overlooking the valley northeast of Diamond Peak.

Daniel about a third of the way up one of the many rock scrambles on the East Ridge.

The Lemhi Crest north of Diamond Peak with Bell Mountain in the distance.

Another class 3/4 scramble.

Daniel and Shae just before the summit.

Another view of the Lemhi Crest.

The Riddler, upper right, is just south of Diamond Peak.

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