Saturday, August 14, 2010

Henry Kraus Ghost

I drove out in the Burton area today to look around. Found an interesting looking old house and knocked on the nearby home to ask permission to photograph the old house. Every once and a while I run into ornery folks who just are plain mean…not today. I was greeted by Ann Hansen who introduced me to her husband Josh. Thy were both helpful and gracious. They are both interested in the history of place and welcomed me to explore the house. Ann told me that Henry Kraus grew up in the old home and the road they lived on was known as Kraus Road. The home is around 125 years old. While we were talking she told me that Henry was still in the house. I looked puzzled. I thought that perhaps he was buried under the floor or something. She matter-of-factly told me his ghost was present. Her husband Josh had seen him on several occasions. When I told her I wanted to photograph the attic, she told me that is where Henry is seen. Josh said that doors were constantly opening and shutting and he got tired of the "games." He went out to confront Henry and told Henry that he no longer owned the place and to behave. He use a bit stronger language, but Henry got the message. Now they can leave the front door open without it mysteriously closing. Josh is good natured and amiable. I enjoyed talking to him about his old dog, cat, cars, and his life. I appreciate both the Hansen's help. I plan on returning to photograph the exterior in better light. Perhaps Henry will find the new publicity about the home he grew up in amusing.

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