Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bird at Disneyland

A friendly pan handler at the gates of Disneyland.  His name is "Bird."  On a good night he brings over a hundred.  On a bad night he may net a few dollars.  He is pleasant, personable, and plays in a band during the day.  He has a difficult time sight reading and plays by ear.  I said he doesn't seem very aggressive at pan handling.  He replied the Lord provides.

The "Walker" stopped by during our conversation (a guy who looked and acted like a bald Richard Simmons)  and asked me if I was interested in "Merlin" his name for Bird.  I asked him if he was a regular at this corner.  He asked me if I was a regular and let me know Hawaii was that a way.  He then trotted south on Harbor Blvd.  Bird told me the Walker has serious mental problems.

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