Thursday, August 07, 2014

Climbing Gilmore Peak and Meadow Lake

Ever since I photographed Meadow Lake last fall, I wanted to climb to the top of Gilmore Peak. The peak rises 1,400 vertical feet from the lake's surface and just looks cool. Ben and I spent the first evening in the Meadow Lake Campground. Ben fished a little and I photographed the lake and peak.

The next morning I was joined by Marvin Hansen on the hike to the top of Gilmore Peak. Marvin and his wife camped next to use in the campground and wanted to summit the peak. We followed a well maintained trail to the saddle north of the peak and completed several traverses to the top of the saddle.

The trail leads to the ridge on the left. We then followed the ridge to Gilmore Peak. This view is from the top of Gilmore looking south.
Meadow Lake Campground from the top of Gilmore Peak.
Marvin Hansen on top of Gilmore Peak.

Looking south from Gilmore Peak

A wider view of the above image.
The ridge to Gilmore Peak. Sawmill Canyon is behind while the Lost River Range is in the far distance. From left to right...Borah, Sacajewea Peak, Mount Idaho, Peak 11,967, White Cap Peak, Leatherman Peak, Bad Rock Peak,Mount Church, and Donaldson can be seen on the skyline in the left on the image.
The ridge leading to the summit of Gilmore. several couloirs are found between the peaks.
While descending, I noticed that the very first couloir was not as steep as it appeared from a distance, an illusion of foreshortening perspective and seeming compression of space. Instead of following the ridge back to the saddle and then traversing our way down, we went down the couloir. It was a simple descent. It took us about 3 hours to make the ascent from our camps and only took 50 minutes to arrive at camp using the couloir shortcut.

A final look at Gilmore Peak and Meadow Lake.

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