Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Lost River Valley Road Trip, First Evening

September 26, 2014

Lost River Range, Lost River Mountain, Idaho

I arrived in Mackay around 6:00 P.M. Friday night and drove northward racing against the falling light. A storm was approaching from the south. The western sky was mostly covered with thick dark clouds with scattered openings. I knew the light would either fizzle or be spectacular. Just past Mackay Reservoir, I turned off on a side road a bit north of the Upper Cedar Creek marker. Set up the camera and waited. The sun broke through. Compelling patterns of light and shadow moved across the mountains. I began composing.

Approaching Storm, Lost River Valley
When I thought I had exhausted the possibilities of the location, I jumped in the car, drove to the highway, and headed north. Pulled off again and shot till the sun went behind a large dark cloud on the horizon. I packed up and headed for Elkhorn Creek.

Lost River Range, Idaho

The road to Elkhorn Creek exits the highway nearly opposite the turnoff to Trail Creek Road. Turning right at the first fork, I headed for the trailhead leading to Mount Idaho. The road goes from pretty good to pretty bad near the top. Suddenly the sun broke through the clouds right on the horizon: the light was beautiful. I drove back down the road to get a better vantage of the mountains and went into shooting mode for the final shots of the day. When the light finally faded, the Subaru labored back up the rocky road. I rolled out the bag in the back of the car and went to sleep.

Elkhorn Creek, Lost River Range, Idaho
View of Lost River Valley From Elkhorn Creek Trailhead

A few more images made that evening.

Lost River Mountain, Super Gulley

Lost River Mountain, Stadium of the Gods

Lost River Range, Idaho
Lost River Range, Idaho

Lost River Mountain

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