Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Diamond Peak Climb-Photos by Daniel Griffin

Daniel Griffen documented the climb with his iPhone and shared his images.  He did a great job of finding compositions that illustrate different sections of the climb.  I think that the images I made and Daniel's compliment one another and give a better overall impression of climbing Diamond Peak.  Also, it is not often that I get to see myself in action during a hike.  I really appreciate these images...Kudos to Daniel.  

The trip was near perfect...great company, fantastic weather, beautiful views, and enjoyable workout.

Climbing the talus slope before reaching the east ridge

Shae on the east ridge

Love those trekking poles

Finding our way over the roller coaster of the east ridge

On top of Diamond Peak Reaching for my tuna steak, red pepper, garlic crackers, and condiments

My first "selfie" 

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