Monday, June 09, 2014

Climbing Diamond Peak Climb, Lemhi Range, Idaho

Diamond Peak Catches the light on the morning of the climb.

Beginning the ridge line...The East Ridge is a series of rock climbs like the rocks on the right.  There were several of these leading to the summit.  The Southern Crest of the Lemhis is in the distance.  The horizontal, vertical, and twisted strata are amazing.

Shae overlooking the valley northeast of Diamond Peak.

Daniel about a third of the way up one of the many rock scrambles on the East Ridge.

The Lemhi Crest north of Diamond Peak with Bell Mountain in the distance.

Another class 3/4 scramble.

Daniel and Shae just before the summit.

Another view of the Lemhi Crest.

The Riddler, upper right, is just south of Diamond Peak.

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